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Lowest Prices Online

We’re obsessed with having the lowest prices online and a vast inventory!

Speedy Shipping Times

Time is of the essence…so we aim to get you your order as quickly as possible!

Friendly Customer Service

Our friendly and experienced team are always here to help…whatever you may need!

We’re focused on B2B

Unlike other online retailers, our focus is purely on selling to businesses.

FAQs – General Questions

Hmmm….The Coffee Machine/Product I Received Looks Different Than What I Ordered!

Manufacturers may occasionally change or update their packaging without notifying Coffee Machine Plus. It is possible that you have the same product you purchased, but it has a new look. Please verify that the product is not simply the same product, only labelled differently.

If what you received is not that same as what you ordered, contact us immediately at to report the discrepancy.

How Fresh Is the Coffee Sold By Coffee Machine Plus?

All of the coffee we sell is sold with usually a minimum of at least 60 days remaining before reaching its “Best By/Before” date, as listed on the package. This date is a recommendation by the manufacturer/vendor.

Occasionally, coffee which is marked down as part of a sale may have fewer than 60 days.

How should I store my Coffee?

Coffee is best stored in a cool, dark and dry place such as a pantry. Once opened, be sure to minimize direct exposure to light and open air.

We strongly advise against storing coffee in a refrigerator or freezer, as condensation will build on the beans once removed from their cool setting. Freezing beans may force water and oils to the surface of the roasted bean, drying it out. This will unfavorably affect the quality of your coffee.

Help! My Coffee Package Arrived Damaged!

We make EVERY possible effort to protect your order during shipping, but you may find that your product’s packaging has been dented or punctured while on route.

Most of the time, damage to packaging is superficial and causes no adverse effects on the brewed drink.

If beans of coffee grounds have fallen out of their container into the shipping box, please contact Coffee Machine Plus at to report the damaged merchandise.

My Coffee Machine Product Has Water/Grounds in it! Is this normal?

All our coffee machines go through testing before being shipped. Because of this testing you may occasionally find small amounts of water, coffee residue, or grounds in new products. This is not an indicator that a product has been used or is defective. If anything…take it as a good sign!

Testing is done by our manufacturers to ensure the quality and functionality of your product.