Keurig, Wilbur Curtis or Newco, who has the most reliable commercial brewers and why?

Determining the most reliable commercial brewer among Keurig, Wilbur Curtis, and Newco involves considering several factors, including build quality, durability, performance consistency, customer feedback, and industry reputation. Here’s an assessment based on these factors:

  1. Wilbur Curtis:
    • Build Quality: Wilbur Curtis is widely recognized for its sturdy build quality and durable materials. Their machines are designed to withstand high-volume use in commercial settings.
    • Performance Consistency: Curtis brewers are known for their reliable performance, consistently delivering quality coffee brews batch after batch.
    • Industry Reputation: Curtis has built a strong reputation over decades in the foodservice industry, particularly among coffee professionals who prioritize reliability and consistency.
    • Customer Feedback: Generally, Wilbur Curtis receives positive feedback from users regarding the longevity and performance of their brewers.
  2. Newco:
    • Build Quality: Newco also emphasizes robust build quality in its commercial brewers, ensuring they can handle the demands of high-volume coffee production.
    • Customization and Flexibility: Newco brewers offer a range of customization options to meet specific customer preferences and operational needs.
    • Industry Presence: Newco is known for its presence in various commercial environments, providing tailored solutions and reliable equipment.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Newco garners positive reviews from customers who appreciate its reliability and the ability to adapt to different business requirements.
  3. Keurig:
    • Convenience and Variety: Keurig is renowned for its single-serve coffee systems, offering convenience and a wide range of coffee flavors through the K-Cup system.
    • Commercial Adaptation: While primarily known for residential use, Keurig has made strides in the commercial market with models designed for office and hospitality settings.
    • Feedback Considerations: Feedback on Keurig’s reliability in commercial settings can vary; some businesses find them convenient while others may prefer traditional batch brewers for higher volumes.

Overall Assessment:

  • Wilbur Curtis tends to be highly regarded for its robust build quality, consistent performance, and longevity in high-volume environments. It has a strong reputation among coffee professionals and businesses seeking reliability.
  • Newco offers a balance of customization, reliability, and customer support, making it a competitive choice for businesses needing tailored solutions.
  • Keurig excels in convenience and variety with its single-serve systems but may not always be the first choice for businesses requiring high-volume, batch brewing reliability.


Choosing the most reliable commercial brewer among Wilbur Curtis, Newco, and Keurig ultimately depends on your specific operational needs, volume requirements, and preferences for customization versus convenience. Wilbur Curtis and Newco are often favored for their proven track record in reliability and performance in demanding commercial settings, while Keurig remains popular for its ease of use and variety in smaller-scale commercial applications.

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